"Eartheareal’s newest song 'Affirmative Acts' is a must-hear. . . . The guitar tone and performance pulls the listener in, letting the[m] know that this is something different, this is true talent. . . . 

. . . filled with a rawness, authenticity that portrays incredible amounts of emotion.”

—Rock the Pigeon  


“It [is] surely not a traditional song, it is that sonic clay that needs to be kneaded, dug into with your brain, heart, soul and worn hands. This is not to say that Annah’s nimble electric guitar work is not mesmerizing, it is, and that is not to say that Annah’s passionate voice does not seep into your heart and gently punch you in the gut, it does.

—American Pancake 


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Songwriter, guitarist, and poet Annah Sidigu has been writing music and poetry for decades. In 2022, she completed Intersection for the Arts’ The Accelerator program. She also received seed funding from Zoo Labs and the Center for Cultural Innovation for a BIPOC-led interdisciplinary art collective that aims to habituate kindness toward one another and our planet through “revelatory” art built around the post-rock music genre. She is currently at work on an EP for this project.

Previously, Annah led the Portland, Oregon indie rock band, Annah Sidigu & Ishango, and was half of the Kenyon College folk/Americana duo Ze Mayfly.

Annah was the recipient of a Breadloaf Environmental Writers' Conference scholarship, and her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in the New England Review, Obsidian Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora, Ninth Letter, and other journals. More recently, she has been combining both music and poetry to create what she calls “song-poems.”

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